What is pay as you go TV and what is VoIP?

TV watching patterns and by extension, subscriptions have changed a lot in the last few years. For a start, people are now doing more viewing on non-TVs like phones, tablets and computers and often not at home. Secondly, it’s no longer necessary to take out 12/24/36 month packages for multiple premium TV channels. The rise of Netflix, YouTube, Amazon and NOWTV are challenging the incumbents with the their pay monthly / cancel whenever you like model. So now, with a smart TV connected either by cable or WiFi, it’s possible to download/stream films and/or sporting events and apps straight on to your TV.

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, a way of making phone calls, often much cheaper, over the internet. Many people have done this for some time, using skype on a computer. Today, you can keep your old landline number and register it with an internet phone service provider. All you then need is a small adatper which plugs into your router and then connect it to your VoIP or VoIP compatible phone and it will seem just like a landline, without the landline standing charge.