UPDATE: 23rd September 2022: Yesterday Openreach started work on clearing the blockage in front of Park Lodge where the cable needs to come through to reach Kenbrook House. This should be finished in a few days – then we should have a firm installation date from Openreach for the connection, then we can cable the building and then we can start connecting up residents.

Streetworks underway for Kenbrook House full fibre connection.

UPDATE: 31st August 2022 – RBKC Council granted the waiver for Openreach to perform streetworks to dig down and unblock their ducts through which they will lay the fibre that connects Kenbrook House. They now estimate a completion date of 22/09/22 to provide 18 metres of duct overlay. This is vastly slower than we would have hoped but unfortunately very common, particulary in the Kensington High Street area.

UPDATE: 19th August 2022 – we are waiting for RBKC Council to approve a Section 58 waiver for Openreach to excavate and remove a blockage in one of their ducts which will carry the fibre cable to Kenbrook House. After that is done, Openreach will remove the blockage and then install the direct internet access. After that, we can proceed as below. More updates with precise dates coming early next week.

Yes – we are finally coming to Kenbrook House in Kensington High Street W14 to install full fibre connectivity. Our preliminary timings – subject to delay or speeding up – are;

Direct Internet Access installation early August

Cabling – 1st Fix – early to mid-August

Customer connecting – mid August onwards

Residents and businesses will at last be able to upgrade to full fibre speeds, work from home easily, stream videos and much more.

More details to follow shortly . . .