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Speeding your local connectivity

The mission of UpFibre is to transform broadband connecitivity to left-behind homes and businesses at the fastest speeds and the best prices.

We are a new  alternative network provider, initially serving West London. We believe that our fibre plans add value to your property, save you money and transform your broadband experience.

Our Ultrafast Packages for Home and Business

Up 100

£ 22 Per month
  • Download & upload 100 Mbps
  • Average speed 100 Mbps download and upload
  • 81% faster thank UK average
  • Fine for non-demanding small businesses and households that want a clear improvement on entry level copper/coaxial based network, particularly on upload.

Up 350

£ 35 Per month
  • Downlod & Uplode 350 Mbps
  • Average speed 350 Mbps downlod and upload
  • 535% faster than UK average
  • Recommended for small businesses and households, with several workstations, devices, smart TVs, video conferencing, wireless security cameras.

Up 900

£ 45 Per month
  • Download & upload 900 Mbps
  • Average speed 850 Mbps download and upload
  • 1532% faster than UK average
  • Excellent for demanding small businesses and family homes with multiple devices, smart TVs, smoothest video conferencing and remote security cameras.