Will 5G replace the need for fibre into my home or business?

In a word, no. However, viewed dispassionately, long do you want to wait? Realistically, 5G broadband will be the future for a long time. 4G fixed wireless coverage is patchy and not covering swathes of London and where it does, is only 20 Mbps download. 5G will be faster, early indications are 80-100 Mbps – still a fraction of what you can do with fibre but not as fast on upload, unlike with fibre. However, we do not anticipate full geographic coverage of the UK with 5G masts until at least 2030. And on price, bandwidth and reliability a fibre optic cable will be ahead and beat a 5G connection every time. Unfortunately, the nature of mobile is that speed and connection quality will always be affected by other buildings, walls, microwaves and other WiFi signals. Fixed wireless 5G may also require an antenna with a clear line of sight of a distant mast.