How long does it take from agreeing a contract to getting fibre installed in our property?

Once the wayleave or access agreement is in place with the freeholder, we can the proceed to placing an order for wholesale fibre broadband. This takes the largest amount of time – 45 days. It’s the same across all the wholesale providers. However it’s worth the wait because wholesale broadband of which there is excess capacity, will always be cheaper than a provider that intends to own all of the infrastructure all the way to the exchange. After 45 days, we can install equipment and do the cabling. For a small building, perhaps 50 premises, this shouldn’t take more than a couple of days. For a large building, perhaps of 300 premises, it might take 3 weeks. That constitutes the first fix. If and when end customers in flats/homes or business premises decide to purchase the service, we need to come back and do the second fix – this is where we bring the actual fibre inside the home/business and get you connected with a router to the internet. This might take up to a few hours, probably less.